Gyan Tab - Empowering Students

Gyan Tab – An Educational Tablet which is fully customized, interactive both inside and outside the classroom and makes education accessible to every student any time and any where basis. Teachers can effortlessly transfer class work to the students’ tablet, share the contents and conduct tests/ assessments easily. Students can do the assignments, presentations, project works, take up tests as well as recapitulate the concepts learned in the class room to further enhance their learning.

Equipped with an adaptive learning engine, Educational Tablet can help categorize students as fast learners, average learners and slow learners, thereby adapting to multiple learning styles. It provides access to our huge repository of learning modules and e-Tests and games. The use of interactive and rich-multimedia based learning modules engage students and makes classroom study more interesting. Game- based learning is fun and can deliver a high level of learning engagement.

Empowering Teacher

  • Reduces lesson preparation time
  • Simple to use, easy to monitor
  • Can easily handle recapitulations of concepts
  • Produce better learning outcomes
  • Ensure no child is left behind!
  • Always have a luxury of an obedient technology assistant
  • Reduced paper work and notes correction

Advantage for Students

  • Makes learning fun and more interesting
  • Can be used as a tool for peer to peer learning
  • Provides for different learning styles through Multi Media applications
  • Better understanding of all the concepts/hard spots
  • E- reader facility.
  • Enables child to learn at his/her own speed
  • Teacher in the form of technology 24 x 7

Our Clients

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