“TECHNOGENIE™” is a device which is a simple to use but powerful teaching aid to increase the effectiveness of pedagogy by enabling access to multimedia content in the classroom environment. The primary objective of this device is to play back multimedia rich contents and enable create custom video to aid teaching apart from giving the required data and other required communication services based on the requirements. The device can be connected to the web through a broadband/gsm modem/satellite, which will allow the downloading of the contents from the server and upload the contents created locally by the teachers. The entire solution is built in line with the thought process ‘Think Global Act Local’.


  • Implementation of most o the technical projects faces the following bottlenecks
  • Technological Knowledge at the gross root level
  • Efficient and proper hardware to support the requirements
  • Power Issues
  • Connectivity
  • Monitoring

TECHNOGENIE™ addresses all these bottlenecks in most efficient way, The software is fully Customised right from the OS to the Application Software. No Technical Knowledge is required to work with the system.

TECHNOGENIE™ is a fully loaded Embedded Industrial Quality Hardware Device with a powerful latest dual core processor, huge storage space and with all latest facility like WiFi, DVI display etc.,. A rugged fan less system which can be used for 24 hours non stop. The System works on the Green energy technology which consumes less than 10% of the power when compared to a normal PC.

Software has simple options for Academic activities, MIS data activities and Monitoring activities, like content management, content creation, online data entry, sending and receiving data and messages. All these options can be done with a click.

The device is connected to a WEB cam and any officer can have a direct interaction with the Head Master/BEO/Dy. Directors/DPIs to have a one to one video conference with out any sophisticated setup.

Advantages of Implementation of the solution

  • A very cost effective solution which require no technical Knowledge to use.
  • Easy management of Content and creation huge repository of Content
  • Schools are connected and sharing of information to the higher level offices and also among schools at one click
  • Mass messaging and instant updating of data/reports with minimum/no expenditure.
  • Online review of progress through Webcam
  • Large number of online application can be generated and used
  • Server level application manages the most frequently used data, which will save lot of human time and improves accuracy
  • Filed level data collected with the help of the technology will be stored permanently as authenticated record.
  • Online reporting and updation of the information.
  • Easy to generate reports on physical and financial progress.
  • It helps to understand the progress of works in various stages under each category, block, district and at state level.
  • The information will be of immense use for further planning in terms of civil works and assessing the exact requirement.
  • The data can be used for providing information to various statutory bodies and government.
  • The solution will enable the effective utilization of the resources.
  • The solution will reduce the huge amount of paper work and also the management expenditure in the long run.

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